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Don't wait any longer to Detoxify and Heal




Heat alone aids recovery, provides temporary pain relief, and decreases inflammation. In an infrared sauna, the far and mid infrared light waves provide an even deeper therapeutic experience than the heat in a traditional sauna that only heats the air. Infrared light waves penetrate the body to heat from within, penetrating the joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and blood flow, and providing the deepest detoxification, allowing you to sweat toxins, including heavy metals out of your body.


For proper healing, good circulation is critical. Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the site of the strain or inflammation, which helps to create new blood vessels and tissues at the site. The more red and white blood cells that can get delivered to muscles, the quicker they rebuild.


Infrared saunas stimulate cardiovascular circulation with oxygen-rich blood flow, producing white blood cells to reduce inflammation and calm swelling to alleviate chronic pain. One infrared sauna session, lasting around 30 minutes with a temperature ranging from 120 to 150 degrees, can help someone burn up to 600 calories. Infrared sauna sessions can help relieve minor pain, accelerate athletic recovery, boost circulation and improve cardiovascular health.

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  • Increased Suppressed Skin Photoaging

  • Promotes Wound/Injury Healing

  • Promotes Burn Wound Healing

  • Helps with Chronic High Blood Pressure

  • Helps with Weight Loss

  • Cellular Detoxification

  • Increased Collagen Production

  • Recharge Cell Mitochondria

  • Increased Sleep Quality

  • Reduced symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

  • Relief from Sore Muscles

  • Relief from Joint Pain

  • Relief from Arthritis and Tendinitis

  • Help Reduce Body Fat

  • Detoxify Ingested Heavy Metals and Toxins

  • Improved Heart Health

  • Reduced Fine Lines

  • Improved Blood Circulation

  • Help for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Improved Skin Structure and Elasticity



Cryo + Infrared Sauna

Hop out of the infrared sauna and experience an arctic blast of pain relief, decreased inflammation, mental relaxation, and so much more!

Infrared heat stimulates muscle relaxation, vasodilation, and enhances blood flow to areas of the body that lack oxygen and/or nutrients. Performing a session of Cryotherapy after Infrared heat, immediately constricts blood vessels, flushing out trapped inflammation and toxins. Skin cells also vasoconstrict immediately, cleaning and shrinking pores. Feel every cell in your body transform!

Infrared Sauna + Be Lean Drip

Propel your Weight Loss goals and witness your fat melt off.

Designed to help burn fat and boost metabolism, Be Lean includes multiple treatments of premium-quality compounds, harnessing the benefits of B Vitamins, Taurine, methionine, choline, and others, to burn fat, boost metabolism, and raise energy levels. Combining Infrared Sauna and the Be Lean Drip is the most advanced way to target your weight loss goals!

Infrared Sauna + Red Light

It's time to Heal and Detoxify

Life is not easy. Through the years we compile massive loads of stress, anxiety, aches, and pains, but it's time we put an end to all of the misery. Combining Red Light Therapy with an Infrared Sauna session will not only eliminate stress levels, but improve cognitive function, decrease bodily aches and pains, improve blood circulation, improve heart health, and so much more! 

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