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Arctic Elevation provides the most advanced and effective treatments, but don't hear it from us, hear it from our amazing clients!

"I visited Arctic Elevation yesterday for an I.V. drip, compression, and red light therapy. I woke up feeling just really good, there is no other way to really describe it! I usually wake up feeling pretty groggy but my body just feels extreme revived and hydrated from the I.V. drip. I had gone to a concert the night before where I stood for 6 hours straight so my legs were feeling it the next morning. Immediately after doing the compressions, the soreness in my legs was gone. With the red light therapy, there were 6 options that targeted different areas in my body and I chose the skin option which helps with different skin conditions, acne, anti-aging, etc. Even after just one session I am already seeing a difference in my skin, not just on my face but my chest and my back too. I've had some back acne recently and it has significantly improved since yesterday, and my skin overall in my opinion just looks so much healthier and smoother and more even toned! I 10/10 recommend this place!"

- Mikah Springer

"I'm a 75-year-old diabetic who had open heart surgery 5 years ago and has experienced daily pain. After trying everything at Arctic, it eased my pain so much! I started with compression therapy because I have leg aches daily, which was great! My legs felt lighter, and I could feel my blood flow increase. Afterward, I went to Red Light Therapy which was a quick and relaxing 15 minutes, and I realized the benefits when going to bed. I slept like a baby and only woke up once at night, compared to my usual 5 times. Lastly, I tried the Infrared Sauna and did the "Relaxation" setting. It was relaxing, and I could feel how it calmed my heart and how it was so different from a regular sauna.

I would 100% recommend coming. I've come and done everything several times and noticed a big change in the way I sleep and feel throughout the day!"

- Yevgenia Opalchuk

"This place is amazing! Came here after a recent accident with a goal of relieving aches/pain and already felt less tense after my first session.
Also highly recommend if you're looking for a great place to relax and unwind! I will definitely be coming back. Thank you to Arctic Elevation for giving me the best self care days!"

- Tara Pham


"My experience at Arctic Elevation was amazing!! From the moment I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by David.

They strive to make sure your visit is perfect and relaxing. I’ve tried every service & my favorite is red light therapy & IV Hydration. The atmosphere was perfect, and my body feels incredibly rejuvenated.

I highly recommend and will definitely be returning!"

- Ellona Moskovich

"The missing link to continued wellness! Arctic Elevation’s excellent customer service and wellness knowledge let me feel safe, confident and nurtured as I took my wellness to a whole new level.
Their full flight session is a great place to start with red light therapy and cryo. This will be a must for all my life coaching clients! Can’t wait to get back for my next session."

- Laura Garris

"David is an incredibly detailed, personal and passionate holistic health professional. His story of healing is very inspiring and drives how he interacts with his patients. He was an absolute pleasure to work with as we worked together to get Arctic Elevation all set up with all the top-of-the-line equipment. The locals should leverage their new access to these therapies and David's wisdom. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Jeff Kasper

"Stopped by Arctic Elevation’s grand opening this weekend and got a chance to talk with David, the owner! He shared his story which is what sparked his vision and his purpose for Arctic Elevation. When you step into Arctic, the vibe is very calming and already places your mind in the right setting:) David gave us a tour and was very knowledgeable with each modality. Will definitely be dropping by for therapy sessions!"

- Lissa Springer

"Oh my goodness this place is amazing and beautiful! Highly recommend the red light therapy and infrared sauna and IV hydration!!! Nurse Katelyn is SO incredible and kind and knowledgeable about supplements for hydration!!"

- Bree Smith

"Very great experience! The red light therapy is my favorite. I’m excited to try out the IV Drip!"

- Kiana Kai

"Feeling like a million bucks after seeing these guys. Highly recommend!"

- Jason Kashubskiy


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